#1 Cabins in Duck Creek

When you’re looking for consistency, you have found it at Falcon’s Nest. we have the right cabin for any size groups and are open year round!

Best destination for sports.

Falcon’s Nest is the Central hub of Duck Creek. No matter what sports you’re into, we’ve got the equipment!

Recovery You Can Count On.

There’s nothing worse than going out on to a trail and getting stuck. No matter the weather, our recovery services are always running!

Welcome to the Falcons Nest.

There are many reasons as to why you should Choose Falcons Nest for your next adventure. Most importantly, our motto is “Stay Here, Play Here“. We offer everything you need to make the best memories in Duck Creek possible, Cabins to sleep in, UTV’s to play in and Recovery when you get stuck up a certain creek.

Why Choose Falcon’s Nest?

Everything You Need

Falcons Nest cabins sit squarely in the heart of Duck Creek Village. We provide the area’s most affordable rentals, period. From accommodations for your stay; to machines for you to play, we strive to bring you the biggest bang for your buck. We have cabin accommodations, side by sides, snowmobiles, bicycles, kayaks, and more at your disposal.

In The Heart of The Village

Being in the heart of the village means no matter what the weather is like, our roads are ALWAYS cleared throughout the village, not like the subdivision areas in the winter months. With our cabins, fully equipped with satellite tv, wi-fi, full kitchens, and more, you get to experience the serenity of the mountains with all the creature comforts of home any time of the year.

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What are you waiting for?

Duck Creek Village is the central hub to all of your outdoor adventures.

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